You only have to register one time per testing location. If you’ve previously registered for a testing location, you do not need to register again!

Changes to your demographic information can be made at the testing site or online when you create an NDLogin account to access your test results online.

You will have two options to view your results:
The short-form version reports only your results and will continue to be provided through an e-notification. It does not require an account. The short-form version is not an acceptable form for travel, and some employers will not accept this version.

The long-form version reports your results and all information required by the TSA and is available through a result portal account. This version requires that you setup an account (NDLogin) to retrieve your results. (This form is acceptable for travel)

Do you want to setup an account now?
If so an email will be sent to you to complete the account setup. If not, you will have an opportunity to setup an account later.

Continue registration WITHOUT account setup

Continue registration WITH account setup